Bar Brat Coffee Dripper Review

This is a high quality coffee dripper made by bar brat. It is stainless steel. Fits on all my coffee mugs and is super easy to use. I made myself a fresh cup this morning while the kids slept in it was so much les noisy to make then using the coffee pot. I also like smelling the coffee brew right under my nose. YUM! I am very happy with this non conventional coffee dripper. It also takes me back to when i was a kid and watched my grandfather make his coffee. I will definitely look into more of these and other products from Bar Brat. I would also recommend there produsts to others! I received this product for free in exchange for my complete and honest review.


to purchase this product go to:


One comment

  1. I love making coffee this way! When something works…it works! So glad they keep making the things we grew up seeing our parents/grandparents using. Because it works!!!! Thanks for the review. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


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