Welch’s Juice Review

So the challenge from Welch’s is to tell them what simple moments in my day do I enjoy? And how Welch’s® Refreshingly Simple™ makes those moments even sweeter.

Well well well Welch’s challenge accepted! Some simple moments that I enjoy during the day is quiet time when my daughter is resting and my son is still at school. I use that time to kick back with a good book and a drink weather it be juice, hot tea, or a latte. This new Welch’s refreshingly simple strawberry raspberry juice was my choice today and oh my is it delicious! I actually had a few glasses. I love that it is healthy for me and tastes so good. It definitely sweetened my simple book reading moment.


This is my bzzkit that I received for free in exchange for my complete and honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The Kit Contains a welcome brochure, a free full size bottle of Welch’s Refreshingly Simple Strawberry Raspberry, which is the flavor I chose, also a sandwich container and 5 coupons for sharing. I used one of the coupons and shared the rest with friends who were interested in trying out the new juice as well. The cute sandwich container works great and keeps your sandwich fresh. Last but not least the Strawberry Raspberry juice is delicious nice and sweet like i think juice should taste. I love that it is healthy for me and still tastes good. I used my coupon to try out a different flavor which i found at target. The flavor i chose was pineapple orange apple juice. It too is very delicious and sweet. I will definitely be purchasing more. I would also recommend it to others. I did have a few friends tell me they used there coupons to purchase both of the flavors and one purchased the sparkling ones. I definitely enjoyed this bzzkit! Cant wait for more!


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