Car Garbage Bag And Organizer by Grievo Review


Grievo has made some pretty nice and quality organizer/cooler and trash sack for the vehicle. These have straps to secure them to floor or seat. They are easy to clean and move around. I like how portable they are because i have already used it for multiple events. We used it at soccer practice while watching and during opening day when we have a ton of people and a ton of food and drink trash. Everyone thought they had to walk all the way back to the concessions and i was like nope wait i have a trash bag right here! Plus i have used them on two road trips by myself and it was so easy to put them on the passenger seat. I had drinks and snacks in the organizer cooler bag and the trash bag next to it. Nice to have something to put the trash in instead of throwing on the floor and having to clean it up after the trip when you really just want to get out of the car and chill. I am very impressed and happy with these two bags and would totally recommend to others with children or people that are in there car a lot. I received this product for free in exchange for my complete and honest review.


to purchase this product go to:


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