Hills Bros Cappuccino Review

First off i love cappuccino in general so it wasnt that hard for me to resist tasting these. I  got 4 different flavor single serve cups. The first one I tried was double mocha and it smells wonderful. It tastes a lot like a hot chocolate with a touch of espresso. The next one would be salted caramel which doesnt have a strong odor like the others but has a great taste. The salted part in the name throws me off a bit because i find this to be like a sweet caramel instead of a salty taste. Next was french vanilla which is what i usually buy just buy a different company. This however tastes so much better than my usual brand that i will totally be switching. The name says it all it tastes like french vanilla ice cream. Also making my home smell lovely after making a cup! Lastly i tried english toffee. OMG this was delicious first time i have ever tried this flavor and i was a little skeptical because the smell was so strong. However i really really enjoyed it and will put this flavor in my weekly routine! I am totally happy with Hills Bros Cappuccino and I cant wait to see what other products they have. I would recommend this product to others and I will be switching to Hills Bros from my normal brand. I received this product for free in exchange for my complete and honest review. All opinions are 100% my own!


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