Clinical Digital Thermometer Review

This is a great old fashioned thermometer. It is fast and records a accurate temperature. It came with an extra battery and a nice case to keep it clean. I used it about three times, once on myself, once on my daughter 3 and once on my son 4. It beeps after it is done taking the temperature and to take again just turn it off and back on. There’s no wait time in between taking again. I am the only one that read 99.1. The other two were 98.7. After each use i rinsed and dried it off before trying the next person so it would be an accurate read. This is very handy and you could keep it in the diaper bag or purse. I am going to put mine in our emergency kit in the car because my last one broke. Over all this is a great little thermometer. I would recommend and purchase in the future. I received this product for free in exchange for my complete and honest review.


to purchase this product go to:


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