U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles Review

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U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles are absolutely great. These googles came in a durable case that latches/locks by twisting at the end. A lifetime guarantee also comes with there goggles. They have mirror coated lenses with 100% UV protection. They are made with a anti leak, anti fog and anti shatter frame. They have a unique nose piece and very strong suction.The goggles come in many different colors but i got to choose from blue and black. I chose blue. So far the best pair of swim goggles my family has ever used. They fit every head and face shape in my family of 4 with easy adjustment. It is still too cold outside to use these at the pool or lake so, we went to a indoor pool. They worked great and both my son (11) and my daughter (3) were able to share them and adjust with ease. Overall i would say these are a great quality goggles that i would consider purchasing again. I also had great customer service with emails asking if i was happy or needed anything. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


to purchase this product go to: http://www.amazon.com/U-FIT-Top-Performance-Swim-Goggles/dp/B00K7G4JI6/

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