U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles Review (black)

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U-FIT Comfort Swim Goggles are absolutely great. These googles come in a durable case that latches in the front. A lifetime guarantee also comes with there goggles. They have mirror coated lenses with 100% UV protection. They are made with a anti leak, anti fog and anti shatter frame. They have very strong suction and provide some clarity.The goggles come in black. So far these are one of the best pairs of swim goggles my family has ever used. They fit every head and face shape in my family of 4 with easy adjustment. It is still too cold outside to use these at the pool or lake so, we went to a indoor pool. They worked great and both my son (11) and my daughter (3) were able to share them and adjust with ease. Overall i would say these are a great quality goggles that i would consider purchasing again. I also had great customer service with emails asking if i was happy or needed anything. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


To purchase this product go to: http://www.amazon.com/Rated-Swim-Goggles-Amazon-Anti-shatter/dp/B00UQRKH4G/

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