Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner Trial (crowdtap)



I received a crowdkit from crowdtap! Inside the box was 5 packets each of 3 of the new Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioners. The three different kinds are Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk which quenches and softens, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter which tames & controls frizzy hair, and Honey Treasures which strengthens and heals damage. I am most eager to try the coconut oil and cocoa butter. I have frizzy poofy hair and have been looking to try a new shampoo and conditioner. I have also already shared out a set of samples and am waiting for my friend to tell me which one she likes best.

Cant wait to try out my first set tomorrow will post a full review of the Garnier Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter with a possible pic we will see


Until Tomorrow!


Above is a pic of my natural hair after using Garnier Whole Blends Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner with Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter. This shampoo and conditioner set makes my hair feel clean and so soft.The shampoo smells absolutely edible like a coconut chocolate bar as well as the conditioner. The shampoo is a beigeish clear color with and oily feel while the conditioner is white and creamy. I actually felt comfortable wearing my natural hair instead of putting it up right away or straightening it. So happy to be trying this product!


Next up Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with coconut water and vanilla milk….


I tried out the Garnier Whole Blends Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with coconut water and vanilla milk last night. The shampoo is pearly white with a creamy texture. The conditioner is white and creamy. It smells wonderful like coconut and vanilla mixed together. The scent lasts, my daughter even said i smelled good coming out of the bathroom. Both came out very easy and lathered up nice. My hair after trying the set feels soft with lots of curl. Some shampoos that say hydrating make my scalp a little itchy but this one did not.I would definitely use it again.

Last to try out is the Garnier Whole Blends repairing Honey Treasures with Royal Jelly, Honey, and Propolis Extracts shampoo and conditioner made to strengthen and heal damage….


Ok so I finally got a chance to try out the Whole Blends Honey Treasures Shampoo and Conditioner set. I can say that this was my favorite by far! The shampoo is a white pearly color with a sweet honey and perfume smell. The conditioner is white and creamy and smells like sweet honey and perfume as well. I would recommend the shampoo and conditioner duo together! Both the shampoo and conditioner lathered up well and came out easy. My hair after drying felt smooth, soft, lightweight and looked healthier/shinier. It was easy to run a brush through my hair when normally i have a huge frizz ball now i just have a tiny frizz ball. I always straighten my hair. So after i straightened my hair, my hair still feels smooth i don’t have much static cling and my hair doesn’t look dull it still looks shiny and healthy! Super happy with this combo and WOULD recommend them!


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