Today is the day that my life is going to start over. Things have been pretty screwed up for a long time and its time to not necessarily get over it all but move on from it all and make my life 10x better. I am starting new things and getting rid of old things. Im going to make it a point to be the person my mother always told me i could be. I have been thinking about her lately and how much she truly helped me through some major hard times in my life. Yes she pushed me away for a couple years but she was grieving in her own way. Why she had to push me away when she was literally dieing…. is beyond me and my heart breaks everyday that i wasnt with her. I wish she was here to get me through some more hard times but i am just thinking back to what she would say and now i am moving forward. Here i come world ready or not!!!



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  1. I am so sorry for your loss…It’s never easy. That’s wonderful her words/teachings still help you. I’m glad you have started a blog. Your product testing posts are great. Keep it up! Best to you, Koko:)

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