A little about me

Me hmmm I am Brandi. I am 32 years old and a stay at home mom for now. I think am going to try the job thing soon after 4 years…. I live with my boyfriend, two kids and dog Jack. I have a boy Riley who is 11 and a girl Kinley who is 3. I currently live in a little town called Friendsville but am from a now pretty big town called Eldersburg both are in MD. I have been doing the contest/free sample thing since I was about 19. The first thing that became my hobby was entering contest which paid off a few times with major wins of $5000 or more and then little gifts here and there. Then i got into free samples and oh my was that easy and fun. I slacked off a lot when I had my kids. But now that I see so many positive things coming from the reviews and such so I figured WTH why not give it a try. So here I go the next time I get a product to review, a freebie or when a contest… I will tell u all about it. I plan on posting other things too just not sure what yet….stay tuned…


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